about heybison

With subscriptions to Surfer and Thrasher magazine in the mailbox every month, I grew up living  my California dream; albeit in the utterly flat state of Minnesota. Sadly, the diminutive waves that the boats created and the particularly short seasons of sunny weather left me yearning for more. After finishing my education in yet another landlocked state, Idaho, I made my way back to the cold winters of Minnesota to get some good corporate experience under my belt. There I learned the ways of the big clientele.

Finally I was ready. After a pit stop in Idaho for some excellent winter skiing, I headed west for California. My California dream began as a slow search for jobs while immersing myself in the surf and skate culture. While working for a couple alternative sports companies I found my creative mind flooded with images of the beach and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Using photography, screenprinting, sewing, painting and other mediums I’m creating an outlet for this overflow of Beach Lifestyle at heybison.com.

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